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From time to time the FENS Board creates policy documents to support its work. This collection of policy and procedures guide the day to day activities of the organisations. Policies are clear simple statements of how FENS intends to conduct its actions and business.

Conflict of Interest Statement

A person may find him- or herself in a situation where two or more competing interests create the perception or the reality of increased risk of bias or poor judgement. This policy lays out what the principles of a conflict of interest and the guidelines to mitigate against it. Conflict of Interest Statement

FENS Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy

In order to maintain FENS independence and reputation as an international organisation representing European Nutrition Societies it is essential that fundraising and sponsorship of specific events or activities are separated from the decision-making process in respect to the mission and aims of the organisation. FENS Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy

Claim for Expenses – General Policy

FENS is very thankful for the Nutrition Community’s contribution to its activities and will cover all reasonable costs associated with such activities. However, FENS can only cover real, bona fide expenses (not virtual ones) and needs to be cost sensitive in line with its charitable status. FENS payment policy

Please return original receipts with your claim Expenses Claim Form