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The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) was established in 1979, to support the European nutritional science community and European Nutrition Conferences.

Members are part of a larger European organisation dedicated to nutrition, which unifies the European nutrition societies and represents each of them and their country under one roof.

All FENS members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this and actively participate in FENS.

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Reasons your organisation should be a member

FENS provides a unified European voice in nutritional science on a global level.

Member Organisations are active participants in FENS. Organisations propose and elect candidates to the FENS board, host FENS Conferences to profile and champion their scientific achievements and promote the activities of their Society.

Individual members are active participants, presenting scientific topics at the largest European nutrition conference, through FENS Board and Task Force participation, as well as benefitting from grants and awards.

Minimum Requirements for Membership

Member organisations must agree to support FENS in its objectives and the FENS Board in its activities. The principal nutrition organisation in the country will be the recognised as a FENS Member and there can only be one Member representing each country.

In order to remain a Member, the organisation must ensure that it pays its annual subscription and contact details. They must be able to show that they provide benefits to their individual members such as annual conferences, dissemination of scientific information. FENS may request proof of such activities.