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The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS), is now seeking applications from our member societies to host the next FENS Conference in 2027.

The FENS Conference brings together its affiliated societies from across Europe and is the premier European meeting, attracting over 1,500 delegates from not only 27 European Member countries but from a global platform with over 50 countries represented, as well as partner groups, NGOs and others with an interest in nutritional science.

The FENS Conference provides the Host Member with the opportunity to profile and champion the scientific achievements in their own country and region, promote the activities of their Society as well as build and develop scientific international collaboration and relationships.

Interested FENS Members should submit an application through the form below and attach the following information no later than 31 March 2024 at midnight CET:

  • Letter of interest signed by the authorised person (President/Secretary) This letter must include the current details about your National Society (e.g. leadership, membership, activities etc. )
  • A short proposal including the venue, dates, conference topic, and potential professional conference organiser (PCO).
  • Examples of your past experience in organising and running conferences.

The FENS Board may shortlist applications. Shortlisted applicants will be required to provide more detailed information such as links with federal and local authorities, conference structure, room capacity, finances, deployment of digital technology (registration, conference app, electronic abstract book, electronic poster presentations), and guidelines for integration of commercial interests.

The financial responsibility for the event is with the applying member organisation with a 10% contribution from the registration fees for the FENS budget 2027-2031.

We would further like to inform you that you will be asked to present/discuss your proposal for FENS2027 at an extraordinary FENS General Assembly which shall take place online.

Applications can only be accepted by the national nutrition societies that are members of FENS. If you are a PCO or venue interested in this event, please contact a relevant nutrition society.

Application Form: Expression of Interest to Host FENS 2027