Photo by the IAEA - new research project on long term iron absorption and loss during inflammation initiated.

IAEA Nutrition Newsletter

In this issue: IAEA Deputy Director General Najat Mokhtar appointed Chair of UN-Nutrition. October meeting recordings on nuclear techniques for nutrition available. Call for IAEA Body Composition Database Management Group members. Updates on TC Programme Cycle and new Master of Nutrition and Nuclear Techniques. Share nuclear technique study photos or videos.

The recordings from the IAEA-organized Technical Meeting on ‘The Role of Nuclear Techniques to Tackle Nutritional Challenges in the 21st Century’ are now available on their website. 
Explore specific talks or discussions with time-stamped chapters aligned with the meeting agenda. A web article summarizing the key points of the meeting is also available. 

The latest edition of the Nutritional and Health-Related Environmental Studies (NAHRES) Newsletter from the IAEA is now available. Read about their upcoming symposia at FENS 2023, recent publications, podcast, other events and more.

EIT Food, a leading European initiative that focuses on innovating the food system, has unveiled its latest endeavour to promote health and sustainability. The organisation is set to sponsor a comprehensive online course titled “Nutrition for Health and Sustainability,” which will be available for an entire year starting from September 4th.

This residential educational course open to early career researcher/practitioners will take place in Antalya, Turkey, 30 November to 2 December 2023. The Programme for 2023 will focus on ‘Hot Topics in Obesity’ with sessions addressing key issues in research, treatment and public health.