Life has changed in the lapse of a few months and the COVID-19 pandemic is negatively affecting nutrition across the world. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) provides the latest newsletter highlighting nutrition activities in the first half of 2020  with a special focus on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.   Click here for the newsletter including their other activities,… Read more »

The 6th edition of the International Conference on Foodomics will be held from 14 October 2020 to 16 October 2020 in Cesena (Italy). The deadline for abstract submission for oral presentations is 31st August 2020, whereas the deadline for abstracts submission for poster presentation is 1st September 2020.  For more information, please go to

The University of Munich (LMU) offers the open access (cost-free) e-learning platform Early Nutrition e-Academy (ENeA), which currently also offers freely available CME Certificates of Completion for all our modules. The ENeA modules provide European and German CME points (transferable into US CME points and those in many other countries). It offers comprehensive scientific evidence based knowledge… Read more »

Proper nutrition is fundamental to health. The world is facing a double burden of malnutrition – undernutrition and obesity coexist, contributing to non-communicable diseases. Using stable isotope techniques, nutrition and health professionals can develop and evaluate nutrition actions to combat all forms of malnutrition. Read the latest newsletter from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Obesity is recognised as one of Europe’s priority health challenges, however specialised obesity services are not widely available and obesity treatment and care can therefore vary enormously across European regions.  The EASO COMs Exchange and Mentoring Programme provides a solution by supporting the establishment of new centres that improve access to and delivery of quality, multi-disciplinary care.… Read more »

As part of the planned updating of WHO guidance on complementary feeding, the FAO Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN) and the WHO Department of Nutrition for Health and Development (NHD) are establishing an expert group on nutrient requirements which will update nutrient requirements for children aged 0 – 36 months. The first 3 nutrients… Read more »

The full schedule for the upcoming FENS Summer School is now available. The Summer School will take place in Belgrade (19 – 23 August 2019) in collaboration with the Serbian Nutrition Society and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade on the topic “Scientific basis for FBDGs – new challenges”. This Summer School is aiming… Read more »

Giract is now accepting applications from PhD students studying in Europe and specialising in Flavour Research for their Best PhD Thesis Award and bursaries for first year PhD students. The programme has run for 10 years and is sponsored by seven industrial leaders. It aims to raise awareness of the industry and career opportunities in… Read more »