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The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) brings together nutrition Societies across Europe to promote the advancement in nutrition science, research and development through international cooperation. 

The first organised European conference was organised and hosted by the Nutrition Society (UK) in Cambridge entitled Obesity in Man in July 1973. Three years later, Deutche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (DGE) (the German Nutrition Society) hosted the second conference in Munich, entitled Food and Nutrition Policy in Europe. 

This successful conference was followed in 1979 in Uppsala Sweden entitled Nutrition in Europe. At this time, leaders in the field of nutritional science came together to create a regional body to support exchanges and the development advancements in nutritional science across Europe. 

Today the Federation of European Nutritional Sciences (FENS) has grown to support European collaboration and development across Europe. Membership is open to the principal nutrition scientific organisation representing each country on the continent.  

If you have any further documents or information regarding FENS history please contact the FENS Secretariat .