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Claim for Expenses – General Policy

FENS is very thankful for the Nutrition Community’s contribution to its activities and will cover all reasonable costs associated with such activities. However, FENS can only cover real, bona fide expenses (not virtual ones) and needs to be cost sensitive in line with its charitable status.

Accommodation. Accommodation can only be reimbursed for the applicant (single room) and not cover the cost for accompanying persons. Hotels and room rates should been agreed in advance with the FENS secretariat if they have not been arranged by FENS.

Air/Rail Travel. Flight tickets should be booked as far advanced as possible from the date of the flight and should not exceed basic economy class (not economy flex). Train tickets should be second (or standard) class. Taxi should not been used if public transportation is easily available. All Boarding cards and tickets (or copies) should be provided with the claim form.

Subsistence. Reasonable subsistence costs can be claimed whilst travelling for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if there seen no other source of food provided at the meeting.

Receipts. Please return original receipts with your claim