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The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) is a non-profit Federation consisting of 26 European Nutrition societies, each representing one country. The main FENS event is the European Nutrition Conference, arranged every 4 years. The last event (11th European Nutrition Conference) was held in Madrid in October 2011. The forthcoming 12th Conference will be held in Berlin in 2015.

According to the FENS statutes, the Federation is established for public benefit to advance research and education in the science of Nutrition. It will promote learning among nutritionists in general and European nutritionists in particular, by means of meetings, discussions, the exchange of information and by other appropriate means.

The Board is elected for a 4-year period, and at present consists of: President, Vice-president (former President), Secretary, Vice-secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Task Force Coordinators.


The aim is to combine efforts for the development of research and education in Nutrition Sciences and to promote the importance of Nutrition for public health in Europe.


The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) is a non-profit Federation consisting of 26 European Nutrition societies, with the idea of maintaining a permanent link for exchanges between European nutritionists with basic and applied perspectives.


1. To coordinate the European countries’ Nutrition Societies at a European level 
2. To promote and disseminate research and knowledge on Nutrition Sciences 
3. To organize a European Nutrition Conference every 4 years, together with other scientific meetings 
4. To facilitate Nutrition learning and training as well as scientific exchanges across Europe

It is absolutely key that in order to maintain the Federation independence and reputation as a Society representing the totality of European Nutrition Societies that fundraising and sponsoring of specific events or activities are strictly separated from the decision process in respect to the mission and aims of this organisation.


The scientific content statements of FENS require the independence from influences resulting from fund raising activities conflict of interest


Funds outside the membership fees are useful additions helping to fulfil the mission and aims of FENS. A central activity of FENS is the conduct of the FENS European Nutrition Conference (ENC) every four years. In the meantime, the FENS board is running the core activities in respect to coordination, promotion, dissemination, and training. The FENS ENC attracts income from sponsorship and from restricted commercial activity such as Exhibition Stands.

In order to organise the FENS ENC and other meetings at a reasonable rate of registration, fundraising activities are essential. However, sponsorship is separate from, and not permitted to influence, the science of FENS. This is critical to maintain the Society’s reputation as an independent Learned Society. Decisions whether or not to accept sponsorship are made by the FENS-board or – in respect to the FENS-congress by the ENC and congress organizers and their committees.


1. Funds are provided in the form of “unrestricted grants” to support specific activities (e.g. teaching and learning workshops) 
2. Benefactors are acknowledged on the FENS-website regarding their financial support and the nature of their support. 
3. Benefactors may mention that they have provided grants to FENS, but must not imply FENS endorses the Benefactor 
4. Benefactors and in particular Corporate Benefactors must not use the name of FENS in connection with any other activity 
5. FENS reserves the right to refuse funds from prospective Benefactors.


1. The scientific programme and the selection of speakers and submitted abstracts for the scientific programme of FENS activities need to be organized independent from any commercial sponsorship. 
2. Commercial sponsors can support a meeting by providing unrestricted funds or in kind contributions for congress attendance, social events and speakers. 
3. If foreseen in the congress outline, commercial sponsors could organise scientific events under their responsibility, approved by the scientific organizers, in order to enhance the exchange of ideas between science and specific interests. These sponsor driven events need to be clearly labelled in the program and should be clearly made identifiable, e.g. by time slots and specific labels. Scientific events organized by commercial interests are considered as “satellite” events of congresses organized by FENS and its members. 
4. Commercial sponsors are permitted to engage in product promotion at Meetings under the agreed terms of sponsorship or commercial activity. 
5. The financial engagement of commercial sponsors should be acknowledged in the programme, on the website and at the meeting 
6. Sponsors shall not refer to or use the name FENS in activities without prior written permission. 
7. FENS Board and/or meeting organizing committees reserve the right to refuse donations, sponsorship or commercial activity proposals.


Companies may propose to organise a Satellite Symposium at the FENS Conference and meetings. The Policy is as follows:

− Proposals should not encompass marketing for specific commercial products. 
− The scientific programme is proposed by the Company 
− Final programme, speakers and titles must be approved by the Scientific Programme Committee. 
− All publicity material of satellite meetings or symposia is separate from that of the FENS programme 
− Satellite meetings or symposia will be announced in Programme of the congress.


A sponsorship proposal for a specific activity as submitted by a Company must be reviewed by the FENS Board, according with the terms of the present FENS Policy.

The decision of the FENS board should be taken in full independence and in absence of conflict of interest.


Benefactor or Corporate Benefactor is an individual or organisation that provides funds in the form of unrestricted grants.

Sponsor means an individual or an organisation that pledges money in advance to support FENS for a particular Project.

Donation means a gift in cash or kind.

Endorsement means declare approval of an activity or opinion etc.

Product promotion means utilising Exhibition space at a meeting (or in the vicinity) or circulating information/promotional material to delegates –

Meetings mean scientific meetings and symposia organised by FENS.