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22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology is coming soon

The 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology (World Food Congress) is coming soon. The programme is packed, representing global scientific innovation, expertise, breakthroughs and research news. Join the Congress to learn the conclusions and output of the interdisciplinary Task Force on Food Processing for Nutrition, Diet and Health and to hear global expert reactions from leaders in many fields. Take time to meet new colleagues and greet old friends again!

The Programme at a Glance is now ONLINE. Stay tuned for the complete programme which will be available soon.

Congress events include:

  • Early Career Scientist Pre-congress session (must register to join);
  • Multiple special sessions featuring the breadth of work in the global field including the latest highlights from disciplinary and special interest groups of IUFoST – Nanotechnology, Precision Nutrition, Food Engineering, Education, AI, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods;
  • Major presentations from FAO and Codex, panel discussions with WHO, UNIDO and other UN related scientists as well as outstanding leaders;
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial panels featuring and discussing innovation and challenges of global food industry;
  • Academy sessions, the Induction ceremony of 25 new Fellows, the Distinguished Lecture and recognition of Lifetime Achievement and Young Researcher award recipients;
  • Awards, awards, awards – for students, papers, graduates, PhD Students, industry, Global Excellence in every sphere and recognising the Young Scientists chosen by their countries and the International Jury to represent the best in young science to the congress.

Much more is waiting for you in the beautiful seaside town of Rimini, Italy from the 8th to 12th September. See you there!