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Exciting News: Nederlandse Academie van Voedingswetenschappen (NAV) to Host Our Next Nutrition Conference!

We are thrilled to announce that the Nederlandse Academie van Voedingswetenschappen (NAV) has been selected to host our upcoming 15th European Nutrition Conference of FENS!  

The conference, scheduled to take place on 7 – 11 November 2027,  will be an impressive event bringing together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in nutrition science from around the world in beautiful Rotterdam, Netherlands.  

Inclusive Nutrition: Embracing Diversity! 

The theme of the conference reflects on the “commitment to exploring all the facets of nutrition, including fundamental, clinical, epidemiological and social dimensions.” NAV  as hosts of the FENS conference 2027 “are excited to collaborate with fellow member organizations across Europe to bring a memorable and enriched experience to all the nutritional scientists involved.” 

Save the Date – Join Us!