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Obesity is recognised as a priority health challenge in Europe, however evidence-based multidisciplinary obesity training is not widely available. This has led to wide disparities in obesity care and public health strategies used to address obesity, which varies enormously across the European region. To address this, EASO education programmes offer comprehensive training designed for European health professionals working in obesity prevention and management.

The Masterclass will run from Monday, 16th September to 18th September 2024 in Budapest, Hungary.

Teaching at the Masterclass will be delivered via lectures, group discussions and workshops. EASO will offer up to 50 places for this prestigious course. There is no registration fee and EASO will provide hotel accommodation and meals for successful applicants. Candidates will need to cover their own travel to Budapest.

Masterclass Topics will include

  • Patient Perspectives: Living with Obesity
  • Weight Bias, Discrimination and Stigma
  • How to Start Conversations about Obesity
  • Disease Recognition: the Pathophysiology of Obesity
  • Psychology and Behaviour: Implications for Patients and Practitioners
  • Commercial Determinants of Health
  • Health Promotion versus Obesity Prevention
  • How to Implement and Monitor Community Interventions
  • Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: Genetic Background
  • Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: How Early to Treat, and How?
  • The EASO Framework for the Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment of Obesity
  • Clinical Evaluation and a Review of the Latest Obesity Treatment Options
  • Pharmacotherapy in Obesity: Mechanisms of Action
  • Pharmacotherapy in Obesity: How to Manage the New Generation of Obesity Medications
  • Bariatric surgery, Pre and Post Surgical Care
  • Exercise Training in Obesity Management
  • Dietary Interventions in Obesity
  • The Latest Developments in Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Sarcopenia and Obesity in the Elderly

Application submission closes at 6pm CEST on Friday June 28th 2024.

Please visit here for more information and application!