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Technical Cooperation Programme at IAEA Nutrition

It is time to secure project funding for 2026-2027!

Did you know that the IAEA supports capacity building projects through its Technical Cooperation (TC) Programme? Your nutrition project might qualify for funding if you are planning to use nuclear or stable isotope techniques to measure an outcome. TC projects usually aim at building capacity in the public sector through the provision of local evidence on the magnitude of a common nutrition problem or evaluation of a public health intervention.

Please contact your country’s National Liaison Officer (NLO) to the IAEA immediately as the deadline to submit a project concept note is 31 May 2024. Find out more about TC projects in nutrition and how to apply here. In addition, you can find Guidelines in different languages on how to plan and design projects here. Your NLO will know if nutrition is a priority for your country’s collaboration with the IAEA.

Please email IAEA Nutrition if you do not know who your NLO is, or if you need additional information or support.