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Celebrating Excellence in Nutrition Science: Professor Francesco Visioli Wins the 2023 FENS Award

We are thrilled to announce that the prestigious 2023 FENS Award has been bestowed upon Professor Francesco Visioli. Professor Visioli is known for his significant contributions to the field of nutrition and biochemistry, particularly for his research on the health benefits of bioactive compounds found in foods. The FENS Award, a symbol of excellence, is presented annually to an individual from or based in Europe who has made a significant impact on either human or animal nutrition.

Professor Visioli is the 9th recipient of the FENS award, presented to distinguished nutrition scientists including the inaugural winner Dr Elsie Widdowson, the pioneering nutritionist who co-authored the first food composition tables, shaped public health policy in the UK and her dedication to research and education revolutionising modern nutrition science. Other winners include Prof Dr Patrice D. Cani, who made significant contributions to understanding the role of gut microbiota in metabolic diseases; and the 2019 winner, the highly regarded Professor Michael Gibney known for his contributions to education, advancing human nutrition, dietary patterns, and health.

Every four years member countries of FENS are invited to nominate candidates for the award. A distinguished committee, appointed by the President of FENS evaluate the candidates.

As part of the award recognition, Professor Visioli had the honour of presenting the FENS Award lecture titled “A tale of luck, resilience, hard work, and [more] luck” during the closing ceremony of the FENS conference held in Belgrade. His lecture provided insights into his professional journey, emphasizing the key elements that have shaped his success in the field.