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Chair’s Perspective: 14th European Nutrition Conference (ENC) in Belgrade, Serbia – Advancing Nutrition Science and Practice

The 14th European Nutrition Conference (ENC) is poised to take place in Belgrade, Serbia, serving as a momentous occasion that brings together esteemed professionals and experts in the field of nutrition from across Europe. Professor Dr Sladjana Sobajic, chair of the 14th European Nutrition Conference (ENC). Dr Sobajic has conveyed her profound thoughts and reflections on this significant event, underscoring its pivotal role and far-reaching impact in the following statement:

Nutrition is always an intriguing and powerful topic, important to the everyday lives, health, and well-being of the entire global population. It is also the centre of scientific investigation and the professional mission for thousands of researchers dedicated to uncovering the complex mysteries of a balanced, sustainable, and sufficient diet for everyone. The Scientific Committee is preparing an innovative, inspiring, and intriguing program that will, under the overall Conference slogan, try to “bring science and practice closer“. Nutrition science research and the use of its results in practice can make a significant contribution to sustainable development goals and to addressing important dietary-related health challenges. The meeting is planned to be a traditional person-to-person meeting, and it will contain keynote lectures, symposia, educational workshops, interactive sessions, poster presentations, and meet-the-industry sessions of interest for both students and young nutrition professionals. There will be a focus on networking sessions for early career researchers. An exhibition will be organized for food industry stakeholders. There is something about Belgrade that attracts people always to visit it again. We cannot fail to mention Serbian traditional cuisine because it contains a myriad of tastes and smells. As is the case with the culture in general, this fusion of different influences resulted in originality, so today a rich Serbian table offers unforgettable tastes. We hope that the combination of nutrition, science, research, experience, youth, enthusiasm, Belgrade on the banks of two rivers, and tasty Serbian cuisine will make FENS 2023 a unique and memorable event.”