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EGEA conference: “One health: what contribution of fruit and vegetables?”.

20 -22 September 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

The EGEA conference is organized by APRIFEL, the Agency for Research & Information on Fruit and Vegetables. APRIFEL is an association under the law of 1901, founded in 1981. It acts as an interface between scientists, health professionals, civil society, educational experts and fruit and vegetables professionals. Aprifel works for the dissemination of scientific information on fruit and vegetables, health, food safety and sustainability.

EGEA conference will be a unique opportunity to bring together scientists on a current and future theme: the contribution of fruit and vegetables to the “One Health” approach. EGEA conference, running since 2003, brings together scientists from different backgrounds and aims to propose realistic and achievable actions in relation to the topic under discussion. For this edition, more than 200 speakers and institutions (OECD, WHO, FAO, European Commission) are expected to attend the 3-day conference to share, debate and conclude. The scientific programme is available here:

A call for oral and poster communications is open and the deadline for abstract submission is May 30th . Submit an abstract here: Call for abstracts – EGEA Conférence (

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