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Georgian Nutrition Society Conference

Importance of Nutrition in Preventing Disease: Current International Research, Challenges and Opportunities for Georgia

Tbilisi International Conference

The Georgian Nutrition Society is holding its conference this Thursday and Friday 19-20th May 2022 in Tbilisi.

Supported by the Nutrition Society (UK and Ireland)


“In the modern world, humankind faces many challenges of which the health of the population remains a key one.

Public Health professionals know very well that it is easier and cheaper to prevent disease than treat it, with healthy eating being a principal means for this.  Major changes in eating habits and lifestyles over the last two decades created additional health challenges in Georgia, so there is a great deal that we can learn in terms of current developments in nutritional science and new approaches. The Nutrition Society will be supporting the conference with expert speakers to discuss the latest developments in nutritional science and its role in tackling various health problems. Georgian scientists will present their view on challenges public health faces in relation to modern nutrition and their vision for future development of nutrition and nutritional science in Georgia.”

Learn about the significance of overcoming modern-day challenges to ensure our health is optimised through nutrition to prevent disease

A range of eminent Georgian and expert international speakers focusing on various topics, including:

  • “Diets, foods & nutrients, and inflammatory processes – relevance to chronic disease”
    • Professor Philip Calder,
    • Director, Head of Human Development & Health, University of Southampton, FENS President  
  • “Better dietary patterns to improve brain health during ageing”
    • Professor John Mathers,
    • Director, Human Nutrition Research Centre, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK
  •  “Food consumption in Georgia, contemporary challenges”
    • Eka Bobochidze ANutr, and Dr. Ketevan Dadiani, PhD,
    • G. Natadze Scientific-Research Institute of Sanitation, Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Scientific Research Center of Agriculture

The discussion workshops on day two includes a discussion on how membership and engagement with FENS has been beneficial to The Georgian Nutrition Society and its members.

See a full list on the programme below

This event is hosted by the Georgian Nutrition Society in Tbilisi, Georgia, with support from The Nutrition Society.