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FENS at Nutrition2019, Baltimore, USA

FENS in collaboration with ASN: “Transcending boundaries across the Atlantic & the Nutrition Science Enterprise; a united effort to ensure trust in nutrition science”

Date: 8 June 2019  Time: 13.30 – 15.00 Location: Room 307/308


Professor Heiner Boeing, German Institute of Human Nutrition, (FENS President) 

Professor Philip Calder, University of Southampton, UK (FENS President Elect)

Professor Cutberto Garza, Cornell University, USA

Key Topics Covered:

  • Ethical and methodological standards in nutrition research
  • Best practices in Nutrition Science to earn and keep the public’s trust
  • Joint ASN/FENS ventures to ensure trust in nutrition
  • Moderated Q&A and audience discussion, how should ASN implement the ‘Best practices in nutrition science to earn and keep the public’s trust’ report recommendations?

For more information please go to Nutrition2019